Let us make the most of what we got

     Seems like there is more politics AFTER the election than there was BEFORE we voted in November. Yes there were ads and flyers promising the Moon, but no "confessions" by "democrats" that their leaning had been pretty much towards the Republican camp all along, or vice versa. Keep watching the papers for more "confessions".

     And while we are on the subject of switching Parties (I'm still independent), maybe it might just be a good idea for everyone to join the Republican Party and get "Me Too" T-shirts. Actually most of us already adhere to many GOP beliefs:

  • Apple pie
  • Cherry pie
  • Motherhood
  • Fatherhood
  • America
  • God
  •      Not necessarily in that order, of course, but you can see we're pretty much all together. Except for pomposity, control complex, arrogance, etc. which most of us reject.

         Maybe then we can get down to discussing IDEAS instead of blaming all the World's woes on "democrats" or "republicans". And maybe we do not really need TWO parties in our county. But then maybe politics will not sustain only ONE party, that there necessarily have to be at least TWO, so that one party can always point to the lack of the right kind of "values" of the other party instead of discussing the issues, and what is BEST for the county.

         Just imagine, actually being able to exchange IDEAS now that we are all of one party, and then having a secret ballot at the primary to decide which way we really want to go. Or maybe some "republican" who has a different idea, can get on the ballot as a "democrat", and "confess" that he is really just a splinter "republican", and get the votes of BOTH "democrats" and "republicans". Or vice versa.

         Sometimes I think it would be better for everyone to let politicians just "buy" their office, i.e. sell it to the highest bidder. Maybe we can even do this inside the two parties as they exist today, and then let the voters decide at the general election between the two highest bidders. Maybe that way if someone really wants "in", they would be pretty much paying for it and reduce the taxes on the rest of us. Maybe even "rent out" the office, or sublet it. I know this approach has some problems, but at least we would know who was paying for what.

         Maybe the last election was sort of like Wal-Mart moving in, and all the other stores starting to close. Where else is there to go? So for now, let us make the most of what we got.


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