About me

    My name is Udo Birnbaum.  I am seeking the office of county judge of Van Zandt as an independent.

     I was born in Houston.  I graduated from Houston's Milby High School.  After graduating with honors from Rice University, Texas Instruments (Dallas) employed me to design highly technical electronic components, which are still in use by our military.

    My years with Texas Instruments took me may places.  When I looked for a place I wanted to live for the rest of my life - I chose Van Zandt County, where I have lived for over twenty years.

    I volunteer tutoring in math and science.  I am a member of the Tyler chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas.  I go to church.  I belong to the Friends of the Library.  I have no political obligations.

   I promise to do all in my power to restore trust through open leadership.

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