See note below            Judge Zimmermann finally does want to
                           get off the "beaver dam" case against me

   The below "95-63" means it was the 63rd civil case filed in 1995. Still in there in 2003! Now waiting on Judge John Ovard, Presiding judge of the First Administrative Judicial Region in Dallas, to assign a new judge to replace Judge Zimmermann.
    Judge Zimmermann on it since 1996. Trial in 1998, with a verdict that I caused ZERO damages. Lawyer claiming that entitles him to $10,000 in legal fees I should pay him. Judge Zimmermann been deciding (I guess) ever since what the verdict meant. Problem is they did not ask the jury the right questions, and got caught by the verdict. So to get the show on the road, I once again asked for Judge Zimmermann's "recusal".  He had only two choices, 1) get off the case (recuse himself), or 2) have Judge Ovard send someone down to decide if Judge Zimmermann should be "recused" ( gotten off.)                                               
   I filed this latest Motion for Recusal again asking Judge Zimmerman to step aside on May 2, 2003.
This time Judge Zimmermann decided he did want to step aside.
   I also have before the court a Motion for New Trial. (Because the judge did not ask the jury the right questions)
Now waiting on a new judge.  As soon(?) as a new judge is assigned, I will update this page.