Complaints of Corruption in Wallace's Court
"There is no 9-1-1 to call"

Newest to oldest:                                                     Date:
Complaint of retaliation, official oppression, etc     9-18-2002
Complaint of conspiracy and retaliation                 3-11-1997
Complaint of forgery of Court Order                    1-29-1997
Complaint about "beaver dam suit" scheme         10-25-1995


The intent of theses postings is to show that upon my and others' complaints against public officials the District Attorney did nothing, when she has a statutory duty to bring such matters to the grand jury. See below. 

The following from the Sheriff Burnett matter as reported in the Wills Point Chronicle about September, 2001 (emphasis added):

"Dixon emphasized that it was the duty of her office, under the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, to bring certain things before the grand jury.

"The DA has the statutory duty to bring to the notice, actually the code says, 'shall' bring to the notice of the grand jury any act of violation of law or neglect or failure of duty on the part of any officer, whenever the same may come to his or her knowledge.  That states statutory duty, and the Grand Jury can gather further information and determine criminal intent," said Dixon.