By Udo Birnbaum

                                                                       Lessons from the Fire Ants
                                                            or "The light in the ice box"

    I guess we are created, at least some of us, to always look for a "reason". Why everything is as good or as bad as it is: This world, our leaders, our neighbors, even ourselves. And we are not satisfied until we have found our "reason" as to why things are as they are.

    With this in mind I will later consider why fire ants always go into air conditioner and water pump relay boxes and gum things up.

    But first consider the light in the ice box, whether it really goes out when we close the door.   "Yes, it goes out, because it runs out of oxygen, but it does not hurt it because it is cold in there, and it is revived when you open the door." And the punch line: "Gee, things sure are simple when someone explains them to you right."

    So why do fire ants always gum up relay boxes? Looking on the web, there are claims for electric or magnetic fields and everything else. Or is it that these critters just naturally get into everything?

    Maybe we don't otherwise notice them, or most of God's creation, until things go awry, or are about to. This lesson can of course apply to our philosophy about the greenhouse-effect (but not until we start choking), or the lights going out (New York).

    Maybe we are not worrying about the right things. Maybe that is why the Lord maybe made our beds a little too short, or for reasons beyond our understanding, provided us with fire ants.

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