by Udo Birnbaum

No more wild hog stories
Just wild predictions

As an initial matter, I promise not to write about WILD HOGS except now and then. (back issues and other stuff of course available at web site below). But here goes for some HOG wild predictions:

BUSH is going to run as a DEMOCRAT in the next election, on a BIPARTISAN platform. What better way to attract democrat votes. Also cuts off HILLARY.

HILLARY will run as a REPUBLICAN, claiming she and BILL have repented, and claim to best be able to connect with a SINFUL nation. .

OPRAH WINFREY runs as an INDEPENDENT VEGETARIAN, on a Justice Reform platform, claiming "court experience" from the Texas Food Disparagement Act ("Veggie Libel Law") lawsuit against her ("It has just stopped me cold from eating another burger!"), and promising a cabinet level ministry of TRUTH. (Remember MAD COW? Also ENRON, etc.)

BUSH SR. will reflect on how close he might have come with his statements on BROCCOLI .

ROSS PEROT will stand by and laugh.

GOD will smile. "At least they are not killing each other".

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