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On "Redistricting"
or "I have always been afraid of librarians"

Now that I am no longer writing about the bounty Commissioners put on wild hogs, and not wanting to get into the fracas of Commissioners wanting to cut one position at the County Library, I have been wondering about the following:
(I have always been afraid of librarians.)

How about "redistricting" Van Zandt County into having only THREE precincts? This would SAVE the salaries of one (1) justice of the peace, at least one (1) clerk there, one (1) constable, plus of course one (1) commissioner. (and also get the chickens to come back home to roost)

It would also free the county judge from having to step in and break ties. So maybe we can eliminate that position also.

Or else eliminate one more precinct, justice of the peace, constable, and of course one more commissioner. Then we would need to keep the county judge, to break ties, of course.

Or maybe cut two (2) additional commissioners, and keep just the county judge, since all seem to be pretty well behind a united front anyway.

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