1.      Whether a person without a lawyer, filing a pleading in a Texas court under U.S.C. 1964(c), ("civil RICO"), can be sanctioned as much as $62,885 merely because the evidence is found to be insufficient to show his claim.


2.      Whether such person's civil RICO claim can be kept from the jury, and the TRIAL JUDGE himself just FIND that the evidence does NOT indeed show such civil RICO claim as pleaded, and impose such sanction of as much as $62,885?


3.      Whether the Texas Supreme Court in upholding such $62,885 sanction sets a dangerous precedent that is in conflict with the purpose of the civil RICO statute.


4.        Whether the Texas judges upholding such $62,885 sanction knew that they were acting in violation of the Constitution, yet did it anyway, and whether such conduct rises to the level of judicial terrorism and a threat to America.