My Paper to the Texas Supreme Court
                      Paper, paper, everywhere, TWELVE copies of Petition for Review and Appendix
               Type size, font, margins, table of contents, table of authorities, everything has to be exactly right
                               Then NOBODY reads it!  Now they think they LOST it!  See below.

       At least somebody is paying attention to it                      The local hardware store ships UPS   

  Once upon a time I was content with gardening                  All boxed up, labeled, and. ready to go
                                                                                               Bon Voyage!
     Now they think they LOST it!
    A failure to communicate - short and self explanatory - would be funny if it were not so sad
        or "Did the Texas Supreme Court really LOOSE 24 lbs of my documents, or WHY?"
    Motion to file another set  - like above letter, except more formal. Maybe they will find my documents first?