The Duties of a Citizen
                                        United States Department of Justice
                                    Immigration and Naturalization Service

                         from 1950's brochure, emphasis added  (Eisenhower was President)

It is my duty to obey my country's laws.

It is my duty to vote, so my government may truly represent the will of the people.

It is my duty to keep informed as to the honesty and ability of candidates for public office.

It is my duty, by my votes and my influence, to correct injustice.

It is my duty to pay such taxes as have been devised by representatives elected by me, to defray the cost of government.

It is my duty to serve on jury when called on.

It may sometimes become my duty to hold a public office for which I am suited, so my government may function efficiently.

It is my duty to defend my country, if need should arise.

It is my duty to abide by the will of the majority, to stand by government, so my nation may be unified in time of crisis.