By Udo Birnbaum

Journey of the Ship of State
On freedom under the law

     My mind keeps going back to the seven astronauts. That they may have been doomed from the beginning of their journey in spite of all the efforts of the builders of their little ship to protect them.

     This always brings me to our "ship of state", the good old USA, and the dangers that lurk just outside (and inside) our borders as we are learning to recognize more and more each day.

     Our "ship" was built well. Our founding fathers put their wisdom, their values, their very souls, into it: "With Liberty and Justice for All". No more "In the name of the King". Everybody under the law, from the lowest to the highest. Freedom under the Law.

     School has taught us about Freedom, but not so much about the Law that protects Freedom. We go our ways, raise families, earn a living, "fueling" the ship of state, but pretty much leaving the Law to the lawyers, mostly forgetting that WE ourselves are the very ones who through our representatives MAKE the Law. And when WE sit as jurors, WE enforce the Law.

     Let us go learn a little bit more about the Law. Go sit in court now and then. Pass your experience on to your children, or better yet, take them along. (The courts should have daycare facilities, and the schools should at least teach that there is such a thing as the Rules of Procedure that lawyers and courts go by)

     Let us fuel and protect the ship of state with more than our taxes. Let us fuel it with our values, and our ideas. Let us fuel and protect each other.

     Let us all get more involved in our ship of state. Start with Van Zandt County. We cannot all cure dread diseases, but those who journey after us will thank us nevertheless.
Pd. pol. adv. Udo Birnbaum,
540 VZ CR 2916, Eustace, TX 75124