by Udo Birnbaum

"Wallace Receives Bar Award"
No evidence presented of service to the citizens of Van Zandt
All "hearsay" because of no "cross-examination".

This response is to the above titled "infomercial" in the Van Zandt News. (Oct. 6, 2002, page 4A)

"More than 250 attorneys, judges, and law enforcement officials from throughout Texas packed the 402nd District Court in Quitman to honor Wallace "
Any plain citizens in on this?

"for his outstanding service to the citizens and to the legal community "
Service to the "legal community", you bet.

"Wallace's experience and efforts established the high standards of judicial conduct, fairness, integrity and court efficiency the new 402nd District Court in Wood County now follows "
Now, after Wallace left?  Maybe we can have high standards too after he leaves our District Court.

"Wallace was a mentor and enduring example for the entire legal community, and that his presence in Wood County was missed."
NO, we should "mentor" his "legal community" by making an "example" of Wallace. (By voting him OUT)
If Wood County wants him, let them have him. His "presence" in Van Zandt County will NOT be missed.

"Wallace was appointed to the 294th District Court in 1988 "
You bet. That is how they sneaked him "in" on us.

"He served as Van Zandt Criminal District attorney from 1981-1986, and served as Mayor of Grand Saline in 1981"
Response: Was appointed to be "in" as DA. Don't know about Grand Saline. Short stay as mayor?

"When in the course of human events
it becomes necessary "

Help get him OUT by posting your concerns at:
(Anonymously from the library, etc)

"Retire" him immediately at the polls! For the first time in recent history we have a choice!  Elect TERESA DRUM whom we can expect to abide by the law of the land.

Break the cycle of injustice
or you could be next in his courtroom!

Pol ad by Udo Birnbaum, 540 Van Zandt CR 2916, Eustace, TX 75124

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