by Udo Birnbaum

"fashioned innovations" or "lawlessness" in the 294th District Court
An OPEN Response to Judge Tommy Wallace

"Endorsed by the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office Employees' Association"
What else could they do? If you worked there, would you stick your neck out to publicly oppose your boss?
Wallace does not mention his Canton lawyer contributors.
A judge should NEVER take contributions, and NEVER NEVER NEVER from lawyers with cases before him!!!

"Tommy Wallace has fashioned innovations that "
"developed the 'Court to Jail' program which brings the judge and court staff to the Van Zandt County Justice Center."
Isn't "Court" supposed to be OPEN to the public? Where do they post the docket? In the Jail? But then they don't post it for the courtroom either to let us know what is up.

"developed the 'Express Lane', which allows attorneys and litigants to appear every morning in chambers to resolve minor matters without hassle of waiting through a docket call."
Just come in and have a cup of coffee? "Instant" Court? Litigants without a lawyer too? Every morning? "Minor matters"? From whose perspective?
Does it have to be docketed stuff, or just come in? Why docket anything at all?
Does the 'Express Lane' make for OPEN or CLOSED court? I thought "docket call" was "Court".

"also committed to making sure the court's orders are followed "
Who makes sure that he follows the Law? There is no 911 to call. I know. I could be the "poster child" for lawsuit abuse. See

WARNING! If he is re-elected, he will step down, and another "good old boy" will be appointed, just like he got into our courthouse, with no opportunity to vote him out for fourteen (14) years! The "appointive - elective" system: Appoint, nobody dares run against him. Can't vote him out!

"Express Lane" him OUT at the Nov. 5 polls! For the first time in recent history we have a choice! Elect TERESA DRUM whom we can expect to abide by the law of the land.

For the sake of your children, and for the future of Van Zandt County, let us be free of "good old boy" justice!

pol. adv by Udo Birnbaum, 540 Van Zandt CR 2916, Eustace, TX 75124