Happy Holidays
                                  VAN ZANDT
By Udo Birnbaum                                                                    

                                               Cosmology - "a theory of everything"
(cosmology, NOT cosmetology)

                                                                      or "on understanding hamburgers"

Seen the latest PBS Nova series on what is supposed to make our universe tick - STRINGS?

Pretty good series starting with Newton and gravity, then electricity, then atomic theory and quantum physics, to black holes, and who knows what, and now STRINGS?

Makes one wonder how we decide when we know. Perhaps Einstein was right when he said that only two things were infinite - the universe, and human stupidity.

What we will accept as true of course depends on what else underlying we have accepted as true. It is, however, frightening to think that we all start with little more than "mama", "papa", and potty-training, and from that we somehow arrive at our concept of the universe, and our place in it!

Oh, how much simpler are our thought processes in other fields, for example how to order a hamburger, whether to tell what one wants on there, or what to "cut", and how those poor creatures behind the counter can keep up with us.

And how blessed we are that there is no little voice that says "for onions, press 1, for mayo only press 2, for no pickles, press 3 ", etc.

Oh how simpler it must have been when people believed the earth was simply held up by a turtle, or whatever. And that was held up by a bigger turtle, and that by yet another. And if someone kept worrying, just telling him, "can't you see, stupid, it is turtles all the way!"

So why do we worry about why the universe is exactly as it is?

Answer: If it were not, we would not be here worrying or wondering exactly as we are!

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