Black's law dictionary, fifth edition:

Waive, v.  To abandon, throw away, renounce, repudiate, or surrender a claim, a privilege, a right, or the opportunity to take advantage of some defect, irregularity, or wrong. To give up right or claim voluntarily.

A person is said to waive a benefit w hen he renounces or disclaims it, and he is said to waive a tort or injury when he abandons the remedy which the law gives him for it.

In order for one to "waive" a right, he must do it knowingly and be possessed of the facts. Barnhill v. Rubin, D.C. Tex., 46 F.Supp. 963, 966.

The Dallas lawyer is telling the Appeals Court that
"by failing to list any points or issues to be presented on appeal, in his request for a partial [court] reporter's record, Birnbaum has waived any and all issues presented on appeal". .

My appeals issues were that I had not received DUE PROCESS as required by the Constitution, and that the judgments in themselves for other reasons were UNLAWFUL.

It is ABSURD for the Dallas lawyer to be claiming I KNOWINGLY gave up my RIGHTS under the CONSTITUTION, and my RIGHT to be free from UNLAWFUL judgments against me!

More lawyer talk (lies).