Journey into ????
"learn with him, as he discovers, what no lawyer would dare reveal"

       in elementary school in war-torn Germany          Village train station                       file in the 294th
       1947                                                                           Story behind this

   More pictures  (some more coming later)

Excerpts from the book:  (bits and pieces in raw form)
    The long way to Germany  An introduction about how I came to grow up in World War II Germany
    The flight home  How I came to America as a 13 year old, speaking hardly any English
    Triangel   Our tiny German little village. No cars, radio, telephone, ice box. Just on foot and bicycle.
    Winter  German winters were long and dark
    Food  Some of the ways we supplemented the ration cards - rabbits and garden.
    The house 
    The American troops show up   I started learning English from the GI novels. There were no books!
    CARE packages    Americans could for $10 send food packages to war torn Europe.
    Middle School  I hated religion classes in school. Faith is a private matter.
    Harz mountains One of my first school trips after the War.  The Russian Zone.
    To the American consulate in Hamburg  A frightening nighttime ride by train.

    Dallas etc (later)
    Van Zandt, Texas. Three gardens and 60 baby calves on bottles. (later)

     I get sued over beavers! What started it all. Like the Up-enders and Down-enders in Gulliver's Travels
                                (Wars between nations about which end of an egg should be opened. Read Jonathan Swift.
                                 He hated lawyers, judges, courts, and almost everything else)
     To the courthouse  The first hearing. Disaster right out of the chute! Why the record had to disappear!
                                 "Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive"
     What is going on   The second hearing. Disaster again. Why this record also had to disappear!

     More hearings, more judges, the trial, the verdict, more hearings and hearings and hearings
                   as to what the verdict meant. (later)

     Introduction to the courts up the line. To the U.S. Supreme Court, and back. (working on it)
                                 Some real screw-ups up the line.  It would be funny if it were not so sad. 
     Why good lawyers cannot (or will not) cure the "legal problem" from within.  (working on it)
          (We are ALL to blame if we promote crooked lawyers into CROOKED JUDGES and are UNINFORMED JURORS and CITIZENS)